Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my work. Now a days there seems to be an overwhelming amount of choices in photographers in Northern California, and I am so thankful for your time considering me.

Ever since becoming a mama, it has become more and more likely that I end up with tears while I am photographing your brand new baby or darling family. I don't know what it is about having children, but they've made me into more of a softie than before! Each time I photograph a new baby I am completely in awe of the creation of new life and the blessing that it is!

When I'm not creating photographs or editing recent shoots, most of my days are filled with homeschooling, playing trains with my loves, laughing and cleaning up piles of dirt!



There’s no denying that seeing portraits of  your family instills a sense of importance.  Undoubtedly this is where my love of photography was born. A legacy is the very feeling we get when seeing photos of our loved ones.  It acts as an anchor, tethering us to time while giving us a sense of history and purpose. 

Let’s capture YOUR legacy creating a sense of love and belonging for your growing new family

since Twenty-Eleven 
Redding California