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Because the days are so fleeting- our children change before our eyes!

Because you should immortalize these hard to remember days when your child's hand easily fits inside yours.

Because I make it so easy for you from pre-session consultations, interior design assistance to complimentary Client Wardrobe service. 

Because whatever line, crease or wrinkle you think is huge will not be a big deal in 10 years. 

Because the album you will keep on your coffee table will be your grandchildren's favorite thing to look at with you.

Because you will never ever regret doing it. You just won't!


Right now! Now is the perfect time. Your children will never look like this again, feel like this again, or be like this again.

If you are expecting you know your beautiful belly will not be the same next week.

I have many different time slots available to help make this as easy for you as it possibly can be. 

I know that things are busy but a session is normally less then 2 hours (unless you have a Newborn because we all know they do things on their own time).

Depending on your needs you can book in any season of the year as long as you know that Spring and Fall tend to be busiest.



Redding California and surrounding areas


I photograph all Newborns in my modern white studio space. Maternity and Family sessions are held either indoor (studio space) or outdoor.

I have about 5 preferred outdoor locations that I know photograph great but I am always willing to try something different if I believe the light to be good where you would like to shoot.

Keeping the list of preferred locations to a minimum helps me insure a cohesive look for all of my clients.

Spring is one of the prettiest times for an outdoor session.


Who is a perfect fit for my photography? YOU!

Do you love printed photographs or hand crafted artisan products? Do you have a desire to display your session's photographs in your home in some way? Do you stress over what to wear for your session and wish someone would pick your clothing out for you? Do you value the pleasing aesthetic of interior design and creating a warm and welcoming home? Do you have the ability to budget for and invest at least $800 on an amazing and memorable portraiture experience unlike anything else in Redding, CA?

If you answered YES to some of the above questions then we just might be a perfect fit!!

Who is behind Cayton Heath Photography? ME!

Hello lovely friend! That's me with my not so tiny anymore, growing up way to fast, crazy guys. 

To help my client friends have the very best experience available I am constantly learning and growing in my craft. I have taken in-depth courses on Newborn safety best practice, lighting, posing, customer service, and how to create simply amazing experiences for those I have the privilege of photographing.

When I'm not photographing Redding CA moms and their loved ones I enjoy interior design shows, gardening, diy of all kinds, going to Turtle Bay, homeschooling and just doing the boy mom thing.


How Much?

Just like with lots of different types of art prices for photography can be all over the map… and like with other fine art, those prices aren’t easily compared - it’s not apples to apples. 


The value of the photographs we take together will only go up as time goes on and will become priceless treasures of a time gone by that the generation that comes after you will cherish.


When my husband reads to our sons and he asks them, "What books do you want to read tonight?" and they go and grab their photo albums as their top choices my heart melts knowing how special those photographs are to them. I take photos for your children's children when you book with me. 


With a decade of experience, a perfect review record on Google, and a satisfaction guarantee that I take very seriously, you can invest confidently knowing your money will be well spent.

Session Fee $300 + $500 minimum purchase

Session Fee Membership $750 for 3 sessions

Newborn session specific FAQs HERE

How much does a session cost?
A session fee for any of the sessions I offer is $300 and the session fee must be paid in full to be completely booked.
learn more about your investment HERE

What's included in the session fee?
The session fee includes all the session pre planning; along with the hours of editing/post-processing of your images. The session fee also includes a pre-session consultation, wardrobe try-on appointment and outfit curation.

learn more about your investment HERE

How much does it cost to use your Client Wardrobe?
My client wardrobe is a complimentary service that I love having available to you! The only time there is a cost is if a piece from the wardrobe becomes damaged due to carelessness of the client. But don't worry...this hasn't happened yet!

learn more about client wardrobe HERE

What sizes do you carry in your Client Wardrobe?
The Client Wardrobe is always changing and growing. As of right now for mamas I have size XS - 4X available. Within this range of sizes I carry maternity dresses as well. I also have a handful of children's pieces and pieces for dad too!

learn more about client wardrobe HERE

I don't know any great locations for our session, do you?
As a matter of fact I do! My favorite indoor location is my white studio space. As far as outdoor locations I have about 5 preferred locations that I know photograph beautifully and work great depending on the time you choose for your session and the final look we are going for. 

What happens if my baby cries for their newborn session or my kids get crazy during our family session?
Well, everyone has off days but for the most part I can still capture amazing imagery for you. A crying baby can be comforted but that is why newborn sessions can be long- upwards of 2.5 hours. A spunky toddler is one of my favorite things because of the personality I can capture. If mom and dad stay calm during it all it can really help.

I have some tips for parents-Read them here

What should I expect after the session?
It normally takes 2-3 weeks for your images to be ready. At that time we will be able to schedule your reveal appointment and I will help you go over all your images. I highly recommend this appointment be held in your home so that you are comfortable and also able to experience your images where they will be living.

Can I see the products you offer first hand or have your come to my home and help me choose what I would like to purchase?
Absolutely! I love helping my clients and sharing all the amazing products I offer! This is my favorite part and I know that making the best choice can be daunting. So I help clients with interior design choices, product choices, and final gallery installation
(if you chose framed prints).

learn more about products here