10 Great Gifts To Give A New Dad


We all have some sort of an idea of things to gift to a new mom! Most likely you are here because you are a mama yourself and you remember everything you needed when your little one came around. You also know what you wish you had but didn't receive or never ended up buying for yourself that given the chance you totally would next time.

But what can you give to a new dad that is thoughtful and perfect just for him?

White and light image of dad with new baby

I mean lets face it.... nipple shields out. Which Hazel infused pads...out. Dresses that double as a nursing cover-up... not what he wants or needs. So what are some good ideas for new dads you ask? As a newborn and family photographer I have come in contact with lots of dads and wanted to share some of the information I have gleaned for my experiences.

Below I list 10 ideas to help get your creative gifting juices flowing and earn some brownie points from the new dads in your life!

Light and airy images of a dad and son playing

1. A Skip Hop Hands Free Cell Phone Clip This is a little gem that I'm sure many dads would love to have! It's super convenient and doesn't take up much space. Encourage dad to head out on a walk or to the park. He will have his phone out and handy at all times.

2. A Workout App + Extras from Centr : Ok, so anything Chris Hemsworth is a good idea however unlike us Moms this will not be Dad's favorite part of this cool app. Its the perfect way to help any new dad with quick works and recipes. Since new dad's may not have enough time to get to the gym like they used to this could really be an encouragement to them.

3. A Box Of Meat: This is such a great idea. What dad can resist a box of meat coming to his door!? Make sure he knows you are sending it though so he can get it from the porch and into the fridge ASAP!

Brand new dad holds newborn son photo by Cayton Heath Photography

4. What better way to cook the meat from #3 then with an Instant Pot . Quick and easy without a lot of fuss because dad won't have time for food fuss when there is baby fuss to sooth!

5. I'm not going to lie this one is one of my favorites on this list! A Tile is perfect for any dad new or old. Help him never lose his wallet or keys again and if he is anything like my husband and I, we were so sleep deprived we were losing everything!

6. Adjustable Shoulder Baby Carrier : You may or may not have memories of your dad carrying you on his shoulders. This carrier makes that so easy, looks cool, and is suited for children up to the age of 5. That is very practical if you ask me!

7. A Stay Warm Coffee Mug: Now that I have kiddos I have to microwave my coffee umteen times before I even get to the bottom! I think I need one of these.

8. Lovevery Subscription: Having some fun new toys for dad to enjoy with baby is a perfect idea. The toys from Lovevery are so stink'n cute and completely irresistible. The fact that it is a subscription box makes it a gift that keeps on giving. What a great way to help encourage baby bonding with dad!

9. A Sweet Book From Baby: I love this website! They have some of the sweetest customizable books written from your child to their daddy! So this one really isn't an essential at all but the personalization is so thoughtful I couldn't resist putting it on the list.

10. LAST BUT NOT LEAST- Get a new dad a portrait session! We normally think this is something that moms want but dad's can for sure get a thrill out of some amazing and wonderful photographs of his awesome growing family. If you choose to book a session with me I take care of much of what stresses moms out (like wardrobe) so the whole experience is as fantastic and easy for dad as possible. Contact me here for more details!

I really hope I helped you to feel like you have a jumping off point for any new dad- Whether its Father's Day or not! Maybe this list helped you brainstorm your own ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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I look forward to hearing from you!