Frequently Asked Questions | Newborn Photography

I get so many great questions when it comes to newborn photography from moms like you trying to wade through the overload of options and information on the internet. I hope this list of answers will help you find peace and confidence and if you have any questions that are unanswered please feel free to contact me anytime! Let's jump right in...

When should I start looking for a newborn photographer?

The best time to start looking for a newborn photographer is around your second trimester. most often mamas are starting to feel better then and welcoming a new baby into your family has begun to be fun! Also, my schedule starts to book out so contacting me as soon as you are able is a great idea.

Is a newborn photography session safe for my baby?

I always take special care with my precious newborn clients. One of the main reasons I love the more natural feel and "un-posed" nature of my Natural Newborn sessions is because I know that your baby will be comfortable. If I am going to do a more in-depth pose I will either have a spotter at the season or have mom or dad keep their hand on baby at all times. Some rare instances I will do a pose that requires a composite in photoshop to ensure that baby is not harmed while capturing the shot. No matter what, if baby seems in any way resistant to what I am doing I will not move forward. I always have plan B,C,W, X, Y, and Z ready for moments like that!

Cayton Heath Photography provides safe and gentle newborn photography in Redding CA
The magical job of being a newborn photography spotter!

Do you do lots of poses and lots of props?

Most of the time I do not when it comes to props. I like to focus on your baby not furniture so my normal setup looks a lot like the above image of a newborn on a bean bag poser. Poses are always something that I try to give variety on. I like far away birds eye shots and close up details. Filling your gallery with options so that you have lots to choose from for your wall, announcement cards, and albums is my goal. I do have to say, however, that each session is different because each baby is perfectly different.

Do I need to provide clothes, wraps, and props for my baby's session?

You do not need to provide any props and wraps unless there is a sentimental piece that you would like to try and incorporate into your newborn session. I normally photograph babies in the nudey or in a diaper cover or white onesie. I provide wraps, headbands and limited props that I know from experience photograph well and create a minimalist baby centric image! If you want to bring props I will need to double check them for baby safety and please know that if I feel baby would not be safe I will not use your prop.

What is the difference between Natural Newborn sessions and Lifestyle Newborn sessions?

Natural Newborn sessions have the more traditional "studio" feel to them where Lifestyle sessions are in your home and the focus is less on the baby alone and more on the baby with the rest of the family. Natural Newborn sessions normally last 3 hours where a Lifestyle Session is about 2. Natural Newborn sessions are normally in my home where a Lifestyle session is always in your home or a special space of yours. The session fee for these sessions is the same. If you are having a hard time choosing between these two styles I recommend participating in my Motherhood Membership where you receive 3 sessions for the price of just 2 session + bonuses!

Do you ever do Natural Newborn sessions outside?

Due to the fact that I can not control the outdoors I do not do Natural Newborn sessions outside. Until a baby is at least 3 months old I do not normally take babies outside but keep them in an environment where I can control things (ie. the temperature, bugs).

What do I need to bring to the session for my baby?

You will need to bring along your baby's essentials such as, diapers, bottles, formula, burp clothes, pacifiers, and so on. I provide a nursing pillow and I always have wipes on hand. I also provide all the creative pieces necessary for the session like headbands, bonnets, wraps, and blankets.