Preparing Your Home For a Lifestyle Session | Cayton Heath Photography | Redding CA

First off and most importantly, I am NOT judging your home. No matter what, clean, dirty, 14 dogs, full of art, it is yours and it is special.

Your home does not have to be perfect or clutter free. It’s your home and you most likely just welcomed a sweet baby into it. It would not be right of me to ask you to deep clean every corner of your home. Same goes for a lifestyle family session with older children and you are past the baby years. Please do not stress over cleaning but focus on clutter.

If you are able, focus on de-cluttering two of the rooms with the most natural light. This could be your living room and your master bedroom. Spend your time putting things like your breast pump, extra burp cloths, toys and other distracting things away. I'm totally a fan of tossing them in a basket and hiding them in the closet for later.

When I arrive, I’ll spend some time preparing the areas where we’ll be shooting. I may move some furniture or clean off surfaces. Anything I move will not go far. I am also happy to move any furniture back where it was before we started.

I’ll also open up your curtains and turn off lamps and artificial overhead lighting. It might seem dark but artificial lighting can both be unflattering and ruin an image with orange or yellow color casts.

If your lifestyle session includes a newborn I recommend turning up your heat to 75-78 degrees about 30 minutes prior to our session. The warmer temperatures help baby relax and keep them sleepy during our time together. If you have a hair dryer I recommend getting it out as it works as a great temporary space heater and white noise machine! Also, do not fret if baby is awake or asleep or fussy! Every lifestyle session I do that involves a newborn is a baby led session and we will go with the flow which creates a more peaceful session for everyone!

I hope this brief list of things to think about has helped you feel prepared and ready to go! I can't wait to meet you and photograph your family!

If you would like more information about booking a lifestyle session please contact me HERE and as always if you have thoughts on lifestyle photography or this post please feel free to leave a comment!