What to Expect

We start with the end in mind!
From first contact I will start asking you to think about how you would like to view your images in 10 years. This is the most important question and will dictate the way we photograph this priceless time in your family's story.

This is an easy conversation before you even book your session. We will talk about your goals for your creative portraits and go over the important and ever so helpful policies that keep our business running.
We will talk openly about the potential investment you will make, exclusive products I offer (learn more about them HERE), and even let you hold them in your hands. I love meeting my potential clients in person if possible and know some amazing places to meet, if this fits into their schedule.
Phone pre-consultations are the next best thing!
Mom and her three children in the studio
Booking Your Session
After our Pre-Consultation I will email you a summary of everything we chatted about. This email will also include a link to your very own session page where you can fill out the questionnaire, pay the session fee and sign the contract. Once I have all the paper work we are good to go. At this time I will also coordinate a client wardrobe try-on appointment if clients have chosen this service.

The Session
A family or maternity session normally last about an hour to an hour and a half. Newborn sessions can take up to 3 hours depending on the needs of the baby being photographed. I do not have a limit for who can be in a session but the studio space maxes out at about 8 people. If you know you will have more then 8 people in your session then I strongly recommend booking an outdoor portrait session. 
I have a couple signature locations that I love to recommend but if clients have unique ideas I love to accommodate them! As far as posing, clients receive a well rounded group of candid portraits and posed smiling portraits.
The average amount of proof images to order from is between 25 - 40
depending on the session.
After Your Session
After a session it normally takes about 2 weeks to receive the 4x6 proof images for ordering. I hand select and cull through the session images to find the best of the best. I enhance every selected image with the Cayton Heath Photography magic sauce and then send them off to the professional lab as promptly as possible. Once the 4x6 proof collection comes in from the lab I inspect every photograph for quality and when they pass I personally deliver them to my clients.

The Design & Ordering Appointment
This one of a kind unique service is an exclusive offering and a passion of mine. It makes everything completely effortless for my clients because I handle everything for them.
When the client receives their proof image collection we will go over all of them and I personally help clients select the images to be displayed in the products we talked about at their Pre-Consultation.
At this point many clients choose a custom designed album, custom frames, or both. Digital files can also be purchased during this appointment. Clients are prepared to spend $650+ for the stunning, unique and hand selected products I provide. Being prepared to spend this amount makes an heirloom album, a small gallery wall, or a full collection of web-sized digital images an option. Some clients choose to spend more and some clients choose to spend less. It is entirely up to each client what they would like to invest in and my job is to make it as easy for them as I possibly can! Especially now!
TMA Products0020.jpg
Art Delivery and Installation 
Every product has a different turn around time but most clients have their finished wall galleries in less then 4 weeks of their session. With proofing and designing process of albums taking a bit longer albums are normally delivered within 6 weeks of the session.
If clients purchase anything for the walls, upon delivery we will also hang them professionally on the wall for clients. We never want any portraits waiting to be hung and not getting enjoyed to their fullest!

Let's Connect!
If you have read all this you get a gold star! I really can't wait to hear from you and learn all about your portrait session goals. You can contact me to start this process one of two ways.