How do you see yourself enjoying your portraits in 10 years?

One question I often hear … Why don’t you include all the digital files in your creative portrait session fee?

Well first, know that I do offer digital files in my Create Your Own Signature Collection! However, I have talked to so many friends who have had professional photos taken that they LOVE, yet what happens to them? They live on their computer or facebook or phone! What a sad ending to a valuable investment in professional photography services!

My heart’s desire is for the portraits I capture for your family to be displayed in your home where you can enjoy those memories on a regular basis. Whether this is a framed image, a wooden box filled with prints, or an album displayed on a coffee table, these tangible photographs serve as a constant reminder of what is most important to you: the people you hold dear. The people that change right before your eyes and you don't even notice it.


I long for every client of mine to end up with a gorgeous framed piece to serve as a family heirloom, that will be passed down through the generations.  Contact me with any questions regarding product you may have! My full pricing is available once you inquire about availability and scheduling. For more information about the process click HERE

Sample of Favorite Products

Below is a handful of featured favorite products from

our new Preservation Line. Product magazine for the Preservation Line

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Oak Easel and Frame Set 

Custom Calligraphy Frame

Hand Painted Arches

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Antiqued Arch -Whitemombaby.jpg